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Student City Guide to Leeds

Sep 22, 2020 | blog

What’s it like in Leeds? What’s it like for students in Leeds? You may wonder what life will hold if you choose to study in the beautiful city of Leeds. The first thing we can tell you is that this is an exciting city for everyone, including students!

Leeds has five universities, it’s an inexpensive place to live, and along with a lively nightlife, the city is also a great place to find jobs after graduation.

We’ve put together the information you need to help you get off to a great start in this beautiful city! Let’s get started!

Leeds City Stats

Leeds is the 4 largest metropolitan area in the UK, with a population of 780,000. Of these inhabitants, just over 45,000 are students, and just over 8,000 students are international, making Leeds a cosmopolitan city.

What can you expect to pay for rent? The average rent in Leeds will run you about £463 a month. And does an average pint cost? You’ll need to shell out about £2.60 for one pint.

Universities in Leeds

You’ll find five amazing universities in Leeds, where you can choose to study from a wide range of courses and areas of study. Here’s a list of the five main universities and a few facts about each one:

1). The University of Leeds: established in 1904, this university is one of the largest in the UK, with over 30,000 students. The uni is also famous around the world for the quality of its teaching and research. Here, you’ll find a broad range of disciplines; so, you’ll be able to find an area of study where you can excel and have plenty of job opportunities after graduation.

In addition, you’ll find that the University of Leeds also offers a large campus, which includes the uni and residence halls. If you’re running late for class some morning, a quick job will take you to class in a few minutes. Not only that, but Leeds’ downtown is only 10 minutes away by walk!

On top of all of this, the university offers one of the best Student Unions in the UK. You’ll find over 300 clubs and societies, along with a 360-seat student theatre, bars, cafes, music and more.

2). Leeds Beckett University: the next largest uni in Leeds is Leeds Beckett. The university has over 10,000 undergraduates and about 5,000 postgraduate students. Here, you’ll find a modern, professional university that’s geared for their students’ success.

Leeds Becket has two main campuses, one that’s found near the centre of the city near University of Leeds, and the other about three miles north of the city in Headingley situated in a 100-acre park.

This is a highly respected university that offers courses in a wide range of areas including accounting & finance, adult nursing, architecture, biomedical sciences, and more.

You’ll also find that Leeds Beckett is big on sports, including rugby. In fact, Leeds Beckett is a strong rival of the University of Leeds’ rugby team! When it comes to the annual Leeds Varsity game, Beckett is most often the winner.

3).  Leeds Trinity University: this university is a bit smaller and has a little fewer than 5,000 undergraduates. One of the great things about this university is that many students have almost three months of professional work experience to their credit. Along with that they also have references and contacts, all with go a long way in starting their new careers.

You’ll find a wide range of studies including criminology, psychology, media and more available at Trinity.

The university sits about 6 miles outside of Leeds, in a place called Horsforth. Transport from here to Leeds is easy by train.

Along with these universities, you’ll find Leeds Art University, where courses involve all aspects of art including fashion design, photography, and more. Another university is Leeds College of Music, which is one of 11 music conservatories in the UK. The college has just under 2,000 students, and excellent facilities dedicated to music.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Leeds?

Here’s a quick overview of the average cost of living for one student in Leeds:


Average Cost of Living





Socialising & Going out




Household bills


Pint of beer


Living Accommodations in Leeds

Each of the universities has excellent halls of residence for their students. Generally speaking, this is where most students live during their first year of study. The halls are located all over the city; the residence halls located near the city centre do run higher than those situated farther away.

It can be difficult to decide which hall to choose, but you need find a place that’s right for you. Along with the regular student residence halls, there are also private residence halls available. Keep in mind that these do run higher, so make sure you can afford the rent if you choose a private hall.

Another housing option available to students is private housing. There are two main areas of private housing for students in Leeds; these are Hyde Park and Headingley. Of the two, Hyde Park is closer to Leeds’ centre and offers easy access to both University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett’s city campus.

In Hyde Park, you’ll find a wide range of pubs, takeaways and more. But keep in mind that this is party central for students, so things can be a tad loud when you need to study.

Headingley offers a quieter place for students to live but is further away. You’ll need to count on a 40- to 45-minute walk, or a 20-minute bus ride, to get to class. This area offers plenty of shopping, restaurants, sports, pubs and more.

Leeds’ Transport

Even though Leeds is a city, it’s compact and easy to walk, take the bus or train. Some of the universities do have a transport service for students, so be sure to check and see what your specific university offers.

The First Bus service also offers unlimited student travel ticks (which cost about £35 a month, £155 for one term, or £340 for a year.

The train is easy to catch at Leeds’ main train station, and there are two stations located near student housing: Burley Park or Headingley. And you can use your 16-25 Railcard for discount tickets!

So, you’ll find that getting around Leeds is fast and easy for the most part.

Leeds’ Lifestyle

When you’re in Leeds, you’ll never run out of things to see and do! The city sponsors a number of festivals and events, and it’s only a short ride away from some of the most beautiful nature to be found in the UK.

When it comes to nightlife, Leeds has a lively pub scene, where you can enjoy the pub crawl. The city’s amazing night clubs and bars even sponsor themed bar crawls, such as fancy-dress bar crawls, and more.

Around Merrion Street and Call Lane, you’ll find some classier bars and clubs. You can visit Call Lane Social, MOJO, Jake’s Bar, and more.

You’ll also find a lively LGBTQ scene in Lower Briggate. There you can enjoy the Viaduct Show Bar, Queens Court and Bar Fibre.

Last, but by no means least, you’ll want to experience the Otley Run. This is a famous pub crawl that includes about 16 pubs. The crawl begins in Headingley, goes around the Dry Dock near the city centre. There is one rule, however, you must follow. Everyone is required to dress in fancy dress—the more outlandish, the better!

Shopping & Eating Out

If you enjoy shopping, then you won’t be disappointed in Leeds! Here, you’ll find plenty of shops—from high end designers and boutiques, to lovely pre-loved shops. And what’s more, Trinity Leeds offer Leeds Student Night, where you can get up to 50% off at more stores with your valid student card. You don’t want to miss that!

If you enjoy eating out, but have a student’s budget, don’t worry. Leeds offers plenty of places to eat, even on a budget. At Trinity Centre, there’s a food court called Trinity Kitchen, which is filled with several eateries that change each month.

And if you have more money to spend, Leeds offers plenty of more expensive offerings. The city also offers some of your favourite chain restaurants, including Pizza Hut, amongst others.


You guessed it—Leeds has plenty of cultural sights to keep you busy on your off times! There are several museums, galleries, and more. And when it comes to music & theatres, the city has you covered there, too.


Last but not least, Leeds is a place for sports fans. Headingley Rugby Stadium is right near the student area in Headingley. There, you’ll be able to take in games with the Leeds Rhinos and Yorkshire Carnegie rugby league.

Leeds has a lot to offer students and grads—everything from excellent universities, transportation links, housing, and more. The city also has all the fun stuff you could want with pub crawls, culture events, and sports! What’s not to like in Leeds?

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