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Tasks When Moving into Student Housing

Mar 7, 2021 | blog

Living away from home for the first time can be very exciting! And moving in can be even more exciting. However, there are some things you’ll need to before moving day!

We’ve together a list of tasks to do, to make things easier. You can even use this article as a checklist!

1). Check the Inventory

Before moving in, you’ll receive an inventory that comes with the property. Not only that, but it also includes information on the property’s condition.

Speaking of inventory, this is a list of things that come with your housing. This may include the washing machine, a fridge, and more.

You’ll want to make sure the inventory is correct. For instance, if there are cracks in the walls, smudges on the paint, and more, make sure these are included in the inventory. It’s also helpful to take pictures of everything in the home, so you’ll have a record of its condition.

All of this information can be helpful when you move out. Your housing deposit will be used to cover any damage you’ve caused to the place. Some existing issues could be put on your record, which means you may not receive your entire deposit or none at all.

2). Check the Gas Safety Certificate

You’ll want to make sure your property comes with a gas security certificate. Landlords are legally required to provide this to you. The certificate shows that the home’s gas appliances have been checked to ensure they’re safe.

If you don’t receive a Gas Safety Certificate, then ask to see it.

In addition, the electrical system of the house also needs to be checked before you move in.

These requirements are to make sure the home is safe when you move in.

3). Utility Bills

Be sure to read the gas and electricity meters. You want to avoid having to pay anything remaining on the bill from the previous tenant.

Next, look for cheaper energy deals. You can use an energy comparison site, for example. There you can see the prices from several energy providers all at once.

4). Clean Before You Move In

While the property should have been cleaned before you move in, it’s still a good idea to clean up. And be sure to let the landlord know that the place was a mess.

Cleaning your new place is a good idea because some areas may not have been effectively cleaned. You never know what dirt and gunk may be around! So, get out the elbow grease and give the place a great cleaning. You’ll feel better, and you’ll make it feel like your own!

6). Unpack

After you’ve cleaned the home, it’s time to unpack! How exciting is that? Unpacking can be as tedious as packing, but it needs to be done.

When you start unpacking, do all essentials first. This means you may want to unpack kitchen items and get them to put away first. You do need to eat, after all! Next, it’s a good idea to unpack all your bathroom gear. When this is done, then unpack your bedding (make up the bed, too), and then you’ll be ready to set up the rest of the house.

7). Do a Safety Check

This may already be covered in the inventory; however, it’s still a good idea to do this check on your own. You’ll want to make sure all the windows close and lock, the locks work properly, and more.

Be sure to check the smoke & carbon monoxide alarms, too. This should also have been done before you move in; however, it’s always better to check them yourself. Make sure the batteries are fresh and then test the units. You’ll also want to ensure they’re properly installed.

This is the landlord’s responsibility, so if you find anything wrong, then be sure to let them about these issues. The landlord is supposed to make sure the place is safe to live in. So, no matter what you find wrong, let the landlord know. They should fix these issues promptly.

8). Broadband

Some housing may not include broadband in the rent. This means you’ll need to get broadband services on your own. Because there are waiting periods for installation, it’s better to get this taken care of as possible. Waiting for installation can take up to several weeks.

Broadband contracts usually last for 18 months, which means this period will cover the time you’re living in the property. If you’re there for less than a year, then 18 months is too long.

So, specifically, search for contracts that are 12 months long. Another option is to choose rolling deals, which means you pay as you go, from month-to-month.

9). Let Everyone Know Your New Address

Be sure to give family and friends your new address! Won’t you want to show them around your new digs?

And be sure to alert other services that you’ll be moving and provide them with your new address. This can include your bank, the university, and more.

10) Have Fun Decorating

This really makes the place yours! This is a fun time, too. You can put up posters, find attractive bedding, and more.

You may want to also check your contract to see if you’re allowed to place holes in the wall (with nails, of course!). If not, then hang posters and pictures using a double-sided adhesive made for this purpose.

12). Review Your Budget

Once you’ve been living in your new place for a month, it’s time to review your finances. Creating a budget can be a huge help with this process.

Remember to include the rent, bills, and transportation costs into the equation. And don’t forget to include entertainment, clothing, and items you need for university (paper, pens, and more).

Moving into your new place is exciting and fun! But don’t forget to get these tasks done. That way you’ll have everything done and sorted out.

Whiles these tasks may seem mundane, having a checklist of to-dos can really make a difference. This will be a great help to you in the long run.

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