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The Best Student Blogs for University Life

Feb 10, 2023 | blog

There’s nothing like student life for excitement and fun, though it can also be challenging and complicated. Heading off to university can be scary. However, getting in touch with others who have gone through what you’re facing as a student can be a huge help and provide the inspiration and motivation you need to move forward with student life. 

Student bloggers can provide you with insights and tips and share their own experiences of university life. Rather than hearing this information from your elders, you can read it directly from students like you. 

So, we’ve searched the web and gathered a list of student blogs that can be helpful to other students. The topics vary, from studying and living on campus to money management, student travel, and so much more! We’re pretty sure you’ll find something here that grabs your interest and provides the insights and tips you need to be a successful university student.


1. Uniplaces

Uniplaces is filled to overflowing with information and student advice about life as a student across Europe. So, if you’re studying in a European city, you’re sure to find this a valuable blog. 

The blog offers the following topics that are perfect for university students: 

  • Living
  • Studying
  • Working
  • Neighboring
  • Traveling

Some blog titles that may entice you to read include: 

  • Top Tips for New Students in London
  • How Much will Your Monthly Utilities Be? 
  • How to Celebrate Your First Christmas in Your New Home? 
  • A Local’s Guide to Bologna – Top 10 Places to See
  • How Your Life will Change Living Abroad
  • And more

This blog is packed with great information, even if you’re living in this country. So, check it out to learn more about life as a university student!


2. Faraway Lucy

Faraway Lucy is a travel blog by Lucy Ronan and her posts include tons of travel tips for anyone who want to travel as much as possible as they work. She’s blogged all the way through university, so you’ll find plenty of travel tips for students, too, as well as for travelers on a tight budget. 

Some of Lucy’s latest posts include the following: 

  • Rooftop Bars Seattle: 21 Best Bars with Amazing Views
  • Best Vegan Roast London: 25 Great Vegan Roasts to Try
  • Cornwall Road Trip: The Best 8-Day Cornwall Itinerary
  • Day Trip from London to Bath Itinerary: How to Spend a Day in Bath


3. Channon Gray

Channon Gray was a student of Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics. Her blog explores the highs and lows of student life in London. You’ll find her blog is filled with helpful tips and her own experiences as a student.

Some of the topics covered on her blog include the following: 

  • How to Set Sustainable, Realistic New Year’s Resolutions
  • Let’s Talk: Mental Health Awareness: Why the Stigma? 
  • Ensuring Your Desktop Helps You Stay as Productive as Possible
  • Getting Yourself Ready for University
  • How to Get a First Class Degree
  • How to Have a More Enjoyable Experience at University
  • And many more


4. Push

Push is a non-profit organization that supports school-leavers and students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The organization provides information to help these students make better, informed decisions about their future. 

Their blog for students includes a wide range of topics such as mental health, gap years, and more. 

Here are some blog topics they offer: 

  • Things to Do Right Now to Secure a Graduate Job
  • How to Get a Saturday Job
  • Why You Need to Reward Yourself
  • 5 Stress-Free Study Techniques to Try This School Year
  • Paying the Bills in Your Student Accommodation 
  • How Can You Get Financial Support When Studying Abroad
  • And more


5. The Student Blogger

The Student Blogger is a hub of student blogs that deal with different students and their university experiences. The topics here cover everything from housing and how to save money to daily life as a university student. The site is specifically designed to help students. 

The site also offers recipes, guides, reviews, and more to help students. Here are some blog topics you can find on the site: 

  • Tips for Creating Your Ultimate Uni Wardrobe
  • Where are the UK’s Most Financially Friendly Uni Destinations? 
  • How to Save Money in the Kitchen
  • Top Tips for Looking After Your Car on a Budget
  • Looking After Your Health & Wellbeing at Uni
  • Savvy Money-saving Tips for Students
  • And more


6. The Jack Experience

This blog is another created by a university student for other students. The writer/owner of The Jack Experience is Jack, and he covers a wide range of topics, such as education, fashion, lifestyle, travel, and more. He includes information about his own university studies, advice, inspiring travel stories and more. 

Here are some helpful topics you’ll find on The Jack Experience: 

  • Exam Self-Care Tips
  • My First Term at Uni
  • London Fashion week
  • The Perfect Night In
  • When in Manchester
  • This New Look
  • Apps for Education
  • And more


7. The University Blog

We like the tagline on this blog, “Life shouldn’t stop when you study. Be the student you deserve to be.” The University Blog was created by Martin, and his goal is to provide advice, inform, inspire, and help students get more from their time at university. 

You’ll find everything from light topics to tips for struggling university students. 

Here are some of the helpful topics you’ll find on this blog: 

  • Fight Distraction and Keep Taking Action 
  • How to Ask for Something When It’s Out of Your Control
  • Why Your Choice of Verb Helps You Evaluate Text
  • Even the Best Future Plans Take Surprising Detours
  • And more


Summing It Up

When you’re a university student, there’s no need to go it alone. Look up these student blogs or others to help find tips, advice, guidance, and fun stories about life as a university student. Many of these blogs are written by current or past university students. They share their struggles, funny stories, and more to help you and others have an easier time at university. 

These blogs cover pretty much any topic you may want as a university student! And it may be possible to reach out to these bloggers for additional advice or information. 

There’s no need to suffer along on your own when there are others writing about their experiences as a university student, too! 

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