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Things to Love about Hyde Park

Jan 31, 2020 | blog

Whether you’re a student looking for housing or someone who enjoys a lively place to live, then you may want to consider Hyde Park in Leeds. As the inner-city portion of Leeds, it is a place filled with students and life.

1). Ubers Arrive Quickly—Be Ready!

OK, maybe it’s better to say that your Uber will arrive almost instantly. When you order an Uber, expect it to be waiting and ready after placing your request. In fact, you better have your shoes on, everything together (wallet, backpack, purse, etc.) ready to go. Your driver will be there in less time than you can say “Uber arrives quickly”!

2). Check Out the Brudnell Social Club

Known as a working man’s club in the country, it’s typically packed with both hipsters and students. You’ll be able to enjoy music and art in one place, with no boundaries. Did we say no boundaries? Yes, and we meant it!

They have an open music policy and is a community non-profit venue. It does hold a charitable status and is owned and run by its members.

It’s famous for hosting gigs such as Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs and has long been the place to go for music in Leeds.

You’ll find a lounge, Games Room with Snooker Table, 5 pool tables, darts, table football, two large concert rooms, Sky TV and BT Sport, with live sports in HD! In addition, you’ll also enjoy their local cask and world specialty craft ales, served alongside more tradition, well known brands.

It’s a place you’re sure to enjoy, so check it out!

3). Hyde Park Picture House

If you’re tired of the modern multiplex movie theater, then be sure to check out the Hyde Park Picture House. This is one of two remaining original single-screen cinemas in Leeds. You’ll find it even retains many of its original features including an external ticket booth, gas lighting, ornate balcony, and 35mm projectors, along with traditional movie screens!

You’ll find a variety of independent films shown along with the most recent releases. And if you’re a student, be sure to ask for their student discount!

One interesting note—the theater has been used in several movies and TV programs including A is for Acid, Wetherby, The Great Train Robbery (filmed by BBC One). It’s also used as a wedding venue!

4). Hyde Park – the Actual Park

Did we mention that Hyde Park is also an actual park? It’s a great place to enjoy some green, open spaces. You’ll find everything from tennis courts and skate parks to bowling greens, running clubs and more.

They also hold Unity Day here, and the Hyde Park Bonfire here.

5). Close to Universities

One of the reasons students are drawn to the area is that it’s close to the university district, which includes the University of Leeds & Leeds Beckett University.

Living here, you won’t have to worry about being late to your uni lectures! It only takes a few minutes to get to one of these campuses!

6). Getting Around is Easy & Fast

As we noted, the university campuses are within an easy walk, so you’ll be on time for your classes. Hyde Park also has easy access to other areas through its excellent transport links. You’ll find city buses to the city center and back, which also take out to the surrounding areas. And there’s the Leeds city train station to take you on longer trips.

If you drive, you’ll also find easy access to the M1 and M62, which are close and easy to reach from Hyde Park.

7). Finding Work

If you’re a student and would like to find a job, Hyde Park is the place for you. You’ll find different types of businesses that need employees including vintage shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Hyde Park also has a number of shopping centers where you may find work. You can also check for jobs at high street shops, restaurants and bars found in the city’s center.

8). Shopping Opportunities

If you enjoy shopping, you’ll find wealth of shops in Hyde Park including:

  • Co-op
  • Makkah Foods
  • Maumoniat (an international supermarket)
  • Retro Boutique: vintage everything
  • Best Kept Secret: a great place to find fancy dress
  • Booze Bin: this is self-explanatory!
  • Silver Hairdressing: for great hair at affordable prices
  • Bikology: everything bikes

This isn’t an exhaustive list; we’re quite sure you’ll be able to go on a shop-till-you-drop trip without too much trouble!

9). Out & About—Never a Dull Moment

You’ll find a huge, and we do mean HUGE, variety of activities in the Hyde Park area. You’ll find everything from Woodhouse Moor Park, to places where you can destress with a massage, get a tattoo and more. Be sure to check out these great places:

  • The Emmerdale Studio Experience
  • Northern Snooker Center
  • Oxygen Free Jumping Trampoline Park: we’re not sure why it’s oxygen free, unless the trampolines help you jump to extremely high altitudes!
  • Hannah’s Place: where you can find holistic therapies and massage
  • Hyde Park Book Club: a new and improved music venue…it’s not about books

10). Restaurants Galore

Hyde Park doesn’t disappoint in this area, either! You’ll find many options to catch some great food—everything from international to more traditional. You’ll find it here:

  • Bento King: oriental cuisine
  • LS6: student central bar—be sure to check out jazz jam nights
  • Chichini: great food at cheap prices
  • Pitza Cano
  • Hyde Park Pub: great ales and a DJ on Saturdays
  • HFC Chicken: best fried chicken takeaway
  • East Village: for a New York City vibe, with excellent cocktails
  • The Library: again, noting to do with books—it’s a great bar with DJ nights
  • Oranaise Café: where you can catch some wonderful Moroccan cuisine
  • La Cafetiere: we’ve heard this is a great place for hangover breakfasts

As you can see, Hyde Park offers much in the way of everything you could need or want. From easy, fast transportation, to nights out and great restaurants—you’ll find it all here, at Hyde Park near Leeds.

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